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Doing a genealogy research, and interview for the first time can be an overwhelming and intimidating thing to do, however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Just get a sense of how you and your family will feel once you have completed your genealogical research. Also get a sense of how your ancestors would be once you have completed the research. Listed below you will find some important tips and information that could help you with your task.

  • Before you start your interview makes sure you have prepared a list of questions you want to ask, this will serve to keep things flowing during the interview. Also, be sure the place you choose is a quiet and relaxing place. You might want to consider bringing a video recorder or tape recorder in order to tape the interview, this would help the flow of the conversation as well.
  • The first people to interview should probably be your parents, this is because they will have memories of the recent family history, which would be a great place to start your genealogy research. You can then move on to uncles and aunties and grandparents (who will be able to delve even deeper into your family roots), don’t forget distant cousins who may have some important information to share. It’s also worth noting that in order to complete your family reliese that even the smallest snippit of information should be regarded as important too.
  • At this point it would be a good idea to check out all the information you have collected so far such as all marriage documents, birth certificates, death certificates, tapes, video footage, and copies of electoral rolls and any other documents you have that will help you with your genealogy research.

So that’s it as they say you have now collected and researched a vast amount of information about your ancestors and it’s time to start creating your family tree. Two popular ways of doing this would either be by hand using a family tree chart which you can purchase on the Internet or off-line store, or purchasing a good genealogy computer program. Either option will do a great job it’s just a matter of you making the choice that’s right for you.

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