Many of you may not have been aware of a section of our website called Uniquely Utah– when visiting Utah it is a must see. If you are interested in what Utah has to offer you will be excited.

And remember check out our rentals – we have been around over 20 yrs that says something!

Here are a few of the pages for more access the main page. There are all types of resources on each page.

Salt Lake Vacation Rentals

Salt Lake City, Utah

We are currently in the progress of putting up some more exciting places to go and see – if you would like to be automatically informed when they come out access this page.

Temple Square

Temple square is visited by people from all over the world –it is one of SLC most popular tourist destinations.

With over 20 places of interest right in one city block you can see why Temple Square draws people from all walks of life and religions.

It is also reasonably priced all the exhibits are FREE – and if you enjoy historical building and revisiting history you will not be disappointed in your visit. click here…

Heber Creeper

The Heber Valley Historic Railroad dates back to 1899 when trains served the pioneers who first settled the valley and now operates as non-profit organization. Today, vintage coaches are pulled over this beautiful vista by two 1907 Baldwin steam locomotives and three vintage diesel electric locomotives. Over 95,000 passengers ride the train each year and that number is steadily growing. If you would love to know more or to ride the train click here

Bridal Veil Falls

One of the great hidden treasures of Utah is a “double-cataract” water fall – located in Provo canyon called “Bridal Veil Falls” It is a sight you will not want to miss if you are traveling to Utah. click here…


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