If you are into ghost towns you simply must visit Utah. We have so many ghost towns for you to explore.

Cisco Utah
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In the desolate landscape of Utah sits a super creepy town devoid of people, used in the movies Vanishing Point and Thelma and Louise. The town is called Cisco. Time has taken over…



Cisco began as a much needed watering stop for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad ‘s steam engines in the 1880s. Slowly, a town grew up around the railroad station that primarily supported the nearby cattle ranchers and sheep herders. With the railroad, the settlement quickly became a provisioning and shipping center for the livestock who ranged in the nearby Book Cliffs. In fact, at the turn of the century over 100,000 head of sheep were sheared here, before being shipped to market.

In 1924, oil and natural gas were discovered in the region which gave a boost to the town. At one time, Cisco was the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the state. After World War II, when Americans began a love affair with the automobile and began to travel as never before, Cisco was a welcome respite for thirsty travelers headed through the arid desert. Situated on the main highway through the region at the time (US 6/50), a number of businesses sprouted up to serve those passing through, including restaurants, gas stations, and saloons. In the 1940’s the town was called home to about 200 people. … MORE

I have found an old 1999 video on YouTube that I think is a bit interesting – but the town has much more than this to see…

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