Things to Do in Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City, Utah, in all its splendid beauty, sits in the midst of the shores of the Great Salt Lake. The area is exuberant and thriving, with plenty of family-friendly activities and amazing sights for everyone to enjoy. Full of culture and attractions that excite children and adults, Salt Lake City is the perfect walking destination for those who love to experience nature at its best. Gorgeous mountains, superb weather, and a rich history that includes its founding fathers, and their moral and religious principles, makes Salt Lake City a place full of adventure and reverence for nature’s beauty.

 Here are a few of Salt lake City’s major attractions you and your family will not want to miss.

 Experience the Wildlife


Exploring the wildlife that is native to this amazing area of the country, is a must-see for anyone visiting Salt Lake city. Antelope Island is a State park that runs for 15 miles and offers its visitors an upfront view of bighorn and pronghorn sheep, bison, and the area’s extraordinary bird life. Tourists can ride horseback, hike, ski, or even mountain bike through the park.


Mormon History and Attractions


The Mormon founding fathers settled Salt Lake City in 1874, making this area, the headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Much of the city’s beauty is related to the history of the Mormons. Church headquarters are located in Temple Square which is loaded with history and a myriad of family attractions. Admission is free for Temple Square, with its 35 acres of church history, a museum, a log cabin replica of a home the original founding fathers would have resided in, and a historical timeline of the Church’s history of events.


Visit “This Is The Place Heritage Park”


To gain an understanding of the history of Salt Lake City, be sure to visit This Is The Place Heritage Park. With new events coming every season, visitors this spring, will enjoy replicas of old trains, and information about how the West was settled. Heritage Village and Native American Village, open this summer, and autumn offers the beautiful changing colors of nature, walking tours, and the Haunted Village tour for the Halloween season.


Family Fun and Entertainment

Families can enjoy the glorious sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The choir has 360 members, and when in town, is a wonderful experience for Salt Lake City’s visitors. If you’re on a budget, the choir offers free tickets to their rehearsals which is quite an event in itself. For more family fun and entertainment, visit Thanksgiving Point, which offers country exhibits, movie theaters, golf, museums, shopping, and delicious dining experiences.

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