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Skiing in Utah means The “Greatest Snow On Earth” according to Utahns. And we’re not the only ones saying it. SKI Magazine says it too. Utah resorts took the top four spots and six of the top 10 spots in last year’s ranking of “Best Snow”.

An average of 500 inches each year. 42 feet. 14 yards. That’s how much snow falls in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in an average year during the prime skiing months of November through May.

But what causes such fantastic ski and snowboarding conditions to exist? It’s the simple good luck of being located where it is. The result of a geographic rarity. Utah is located at the foot of the west edge of the Rockies but is also just east of the vast Nevada desert. In fact, directly west of Salt Lake City is pretty much where that desert starts.

This location results in the fluffy powder skiers lust for. Most of Utah’s winter storms originate in the northern Pacific Ocean. As they move over the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas, they lose much of this moisture. As these storms hit the high mountains of Utah, even more moisture is squeezed out. Under cold and relatively dry conditions, the resulting snow floats to the ground like fluffy down or “powder”.

When enough of this powder accumulates, the general effect on a skier is a feeling of floating down the hill. And skiing in Utah means powder. The wild card in all this is the Great Salt Lake. Located just west of Salt Lake City, it can create a multiplier effect on the amount of snow dumped on the Wasatch Front and beyond. Passing storms suck up and feed off the lake’s moisture. This often spectacular “lake effect” multiplies the amount of snow which hits the Wasatch often dumping 2-3 feet at a time.

Getting There

Believe it or not, half the people in the US are within a 2½ hour flight from the Salt Lake International Airport. And when that flight lands, you’re less than an hour drive from 11 world-class ski resorts. At the most, less than 4 hours from skiing in Utah.


  • 13 total in Utah
  • 7 within 30-45 minutes
  • 4 of them actually on the Salt Lake City public bus route

The Greatest Snow On Earth!

Utah means powder. Skiing in Utah means powder skiing. Brooke Williams said in his book Utah Ski Country, “To ski powder is to be engulfed by nature.”

In last year’s Ski Magazine survey, the Little Cottonwood Canyon resorts – Alta and Snowbird – finished right at the top in the “Best Powder” category. Alta was #1. Snowbird #2.

When you see photos about powder skiing in Utah, you might wonder whether they’ve been enhanced. Most likely not. There’s no need to retouch or alter them. It really does look like that.

The Utah ski resorts are grouped in three geographic areas. The Northern Wasatch. The Southern Wasatch. Southern Utah. As you can see below and in our links to more info about each resort, there’s a skiing experience for every budget and type of skier.

Utah Ski Resorts


  • Alta – Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Beaver Mountain – Logan area
  • Brian Head – Cedar City area
  • Brighton – Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • The Canyons – Near Park City
  • Deer Valley – Park City
  • Park City Mountain Resort – Park City
  • Powder Mountain – Eden
  • Snowbasin – Huntsville
  • Snowbird – Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Solitude – Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Sundance – Sundance
  • Wolf Mountain – Eden


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