The Sundance Film festival brings some of the biggest stars and celebrities in the world – to Utah.

Celebrating over 30 years of cinematic excellence, the festival has changed over the decades from a low-profile venue for small-budget, independent creators from outside the Hollywood system to a media extravaganza for Hollywood celebrity actors, paparazzi, and luxury lounges.

 2010 will be no exception to the glamour and glitz that the film festival is famous for – this year (2010) the film festival will Run from Jan. 21 – to – Jan 31.

WFSA is just a stones throw away from the festival and with such beautiful accommodations at affordable prices why not stay with us!

Photo’s from the 2009 event:

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Sundance Blog Post: Salt Lake Tribune

Want to walk around the world without leaving Park City? Collaborate on an art project with a guy last seen snogging Zooey Deschanel? Get a job after the apocalypse?

All that and more are available from the 10 installations and two performance works announced for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier on Main exhibits.

New Frontier on Main, curated by Sundance’s Shari Frilot, takes place downstairs in Park City’s Main Street Mall, 333 Main St., Park City, during from January 21 to 30.

Here’s a thumbnail rundown of the installation artists. For more details, go to the festival’s web site:

• Gina Czarnecki’s “Nascent,” “Cell Mass N2” and “Infected” — Czarnecki is a multimedia artist who “explores the convergence of biology, sensuality, dance, and the cinematic in her mesmerizing single channel installations.”

• Petko Dourmana’s “Post Global Warming Survival Kit” — What looks like an old caravan is actually a workplace for the person assigned “to observe the border between the land and the rising sea,” using night-vision devices.

•  Thomas Gläser and Jens Franke’s “The Earthwalk” — Google Earth is projected onto the floor, allowing people “to surf the globe with their feet.” (Here’s video of the piece.) More…

Hope to see you here this year – book now – before all our beautiful vacation places are gone!

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