We have a really amazing, one of a kind, coffee-house right here in SLC. Not a chain but an original – what a fun place to hang out. I went at noon on a Saturday and found a really great place to have a cup of coffee – lunch and just enjoy the live band they had playing.

The BankdThe prices are very reasonable – and there is no cover charge so you can go in get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the live music – or try one of their delicious entree’s.

The place has a trendy, artsy feel. Sometimes hard to find – especially when we are talking about an internet cafe – which it is.

They are able to combine – an alternative vibe with a twist – great art – Jazz – and delicious food.


And being a coffee aficionado – I loved it all…

If you are in the Salt Lake City area – or staying with us here at WFSA visit SugarhouseSugarhouse Coffee coffee – for a delightful treat.


To see what is happening at Sugarhouse Coffee – go to this website, and while you are at it, look at the sample menu – you may find yourself spending a lot of time just hanging out at Sugarhouse Coffee!

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