I always keep my eye out for great articles that will help all my readers who love to travel. In this day and age, when airlines are charging for everything but the kitchen sink, we all need to know how to save a little money. I ran across this article written by Mark Kahler and thought I would pass it on to you! Enjoy…


Airline Fees to Avoid

Airline fees grow more intrusive every month. New baggage fees crop up or increase more quickly than many travelers can keep pace. Fees for additional bags — or bags that are too heavy — are but two examples of costs you can avoid. To be sure, there are some that must be paid: departure taxes, change fees when plans go awry and those awful fees to redeem frequent flier miles. But here is a top 10 list of fees you can and should avoid. Pursue the elimination of these with as much vigor as you pursue cheap airline tickets and your budget will benefit greatly. More…


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