One of the true jewels of our state is Mt. Timpanogos it is by far the most hiked mountain in Utah and the second highest peak in the Wasatch. I don’t think anyone who has lived here for any length of time has not hiked up to Timpanogos and gone down into the cave. As a child, I walked up the winding 1 ½ mile trail, it is not for the faint of heart it is straight up the mountain so come prepared – once at the top you can explore a cave that is absolutely breathtaking.  This cave is highly decorated with gravity defying helictites, fragile anthodite crystals and flowing cave drapery these are among the many things you will see when going through the cave.

There are2 trails you can hike on the mountain (besides the paved trail to the cave) Timpooneke Trail and the Aspen Grove Trail. Both trails are beautiful hikes but can be difficult, so they are for experienced hikers only.

The history of this beautiful mountain is vast and the legends are fascinating.  To learn more about the unique things that our state has to offer go to Uniquely Utah. Once there you can sign-up to receive updates of new pages that are created.

ENJOY! For information on tours Click Here  For a book on Mt Timpanogos 


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