It is going to be here before you know it! The Utah state fair is September 6 – 12.

As a kid I remember what fun it was to go to the exhibits and play the games. This year is going to be just as fun for the whole family. There is something for everyone – whether you want to see a concert or just peruse the exhibits.

Children under 5 are free for ticket information click here.

One of the most popular exhibits for children is called “Little Hands on the Farm” this is for children ages 2-10.

This exhibit helps children understand the agriculture connections from the farm to the grocery store.

This is what your little ones can expect:

Start Barn 

At the Start Barn, you begin your “visit” to the farm. Put on your apron, grab a basket, we have many products to “harvest”.

Grain Bin
Our first stop is the real grain silo. Scoop up some feed for the animals. Put it in your basket and head for the Chicken Coop.

Chicken Coop 

Here you must gather an egg. Make sure to put it in your basket. Follow the path out to the Apple Orchard.

Apple Orchard 

Pick an apple from the tree and put it in your basket. Head over to the Garden.


Here you can “plant” a seed on one side and “dig” up a vegetable on the other. Make sure to keep that veggie in your basket.

Tractor Shed 

So much work to be done in the Tractor Shed! Start by fueling up your tractor. Then load up the front loader of your tractor with a straw bale. Drive it on over to the Sheep barn.

Sheep Barn
Here you can groom the sheep. Don’t forget to take a piece of wool for your basket. Head on over to the Dairy barn, the cows need to be fed and milked.

Dairy Barn

Take the feed that you scooped up in the grain silo and put it into the cow’s feed trough. Then take a turn and milk the cow. On your way to the Farmers Market, grab a carton of milk and add it to your basket.

Farmers Market 

At the Farmers Market you can drop off each item that you harvested on your visit to the farm. Place each item into separately marked bins. Then return your basket. The store clerk will buy your harvest items for Little Hands on the Farm “Money”. Now head over to the Grocery Store and spend your earnings.

Grocery Store 

Here you can purchase a real agricultural product. We hope that you begin to understand the connection to agriculture from the farm to the grocery store.

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