A really fun thing to do while visiting Salt Lake City is Clark Planetarium, fun for the whole family, or if you are an astronomy buff.

It was originally called Hansen Planetarium and was in a different location – I remember going there as a young girl and watching Dark Side of the Moon it is hard to believe 38 years later they are still presenting this show but with updated visual effects that are top notch.

Now that Clark Planetarium has moved over to the Gate Way Mall, they have expanded it to include many different things; IMAX, Hansen Dome, Light Shows and many free exhibits.

They have a great website that has all the necessary information along with a virtual tour of the facility.

Prices are very reasonable for all the shows.

For more information go to: http://clarkplanetarium.org

Special Engagements

Special Engagements include, but are not limited to, certain IMAX films in their first few weeks after opening, limited engagement films or special public events. Please check the Now Playing information to see if the show you want to see is a special engagement.

Regular Prices for show tickets are as follows:

  • $9.00 for adults/teens/seniors
  • $7.00 for children 12 and under
  • $7.00 matinee tickets for all guests
  • If you have a school field trip you are organizing, click here for details.

Special Engagement Prices for show tickets vary event by event.

Call today: 385-468-STAR (7827)

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