Did you know there are 256 species of birds that inhabit Utah? That is a lot of birds – to many to introduce in one blog-post. Rare Bird Sighting in Utah
Wouldn’t it be fun to create a list of birds and take the challenge to check them all off your list? I wonder how long that would take!!

Utah Bird Records Committee (UBRC) lists rare bird sightings in Utah. One of the rare birds that were sighted was called a :

Black scoter

The black scoter or American scoter is a large sea duck, 43 to 49 cm in length. Together with the common scoter M. nigra, it forms the subgenus Oidemia; the two are sometimes considered conspecific.

Scientific name: Melanitta americana

So when coming to Utah be sure and bring your binoculars you’ll want to try bird watching it is a lot of fun.

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