Payson Canyon

There are few things more spectacular than bike riding in the Utah Mountains– our canyons are beautiful and Payson Canyon is no exception. If you like sightseeing, hiking or biking you will love to explore this side of Utah.

Hiking and biking trails In Payson Canyon are beautiful spring, summer and fall. We found an amazing site that gives detail on the hiking, and what you can expect.., Please check out Utah Mountain Bikes website for a lot more details. Alternatively, click the links below on the trails you are most interested in…

Bennie Creek Cutoff Downhill.

Must-Ride Classic!  Rowdy downhill romp from the Nebo Loop road in Payson Canyon. Shorter loop with pavement uphill or longer ride by adding a portion of Blackhawk Trail. Trivial climbing on downhill single track. If ridden uphill, strenuous climb. Upper-intermediate technical.

Season June through early October.

Bennie to Beaver Dam Loop.

Long tough loop from Birdseye up to Bennie Creek, over the top of Payson Canyon via Blackhawk, then down Beaver Dam Canyon, and out via Nebo Creek. Beautiful mountain views. Very substantial climb, some technical riding.

Season June through mid-October.

Blackhawk Loop Trail.

Editor’s Pick!  Single-track loop in Payson Canyon rides the Nebo Loop area. Aspen and pine, occasional views. It includes Rock Springs Trail. Longer ride with moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Shorter loop options available.

Season June through September.

Holman Canyon (Nebo Loop).

Narrow single-track drops off the backside of the Nebo Loop area. Option of loop ride or long downhill with road return vs shuttle. Loop has a strenuous difficult climb. Some downhill steeps and a few tricky spots, upper-intermediate to advanced technical.

Season June to October.

Jones Ranch Trail.

A Must-Ride!  Easier single-track trail in Payson Canyon. Options of out-and-back, loop with pavement, loop with a portion of Blackhawk Trail, or DH with shuttle. Mild climbing, a quick ride.

Season June to October.

Lizard Lake.

DH or loop. Payson Canyon. Advanced technical due to multiple log-hops. Short single-track loop (about 5 miles) with 900 vertical or DH route 3.5 miles with 1500 vertical, almost all downhill. DH route connects two parts of Nebo Loop road (paved).

Season July through October.

Rock Springs Loop.

Single-track loop at the top of Payson Canyon. Beautiful alpine area, great views. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Options to extend or shorten ride.

Season June through October.

Sheepherder Hill.

Loop or out-and-back in Payson Canyon. Advanced-rider single-track in the forest on steep side-slopes, it’s a lot of fun. 5-mile each way out-and-back, or 12-mile loop ride using Shram Creek and western portion of Rock Spring trail. Significant climbing, mostly intermediate technical.

Season mid-July through October.

Shram Creek Loop.

Moderate-length single-track loop with short portion of paved road, Payson Canyon. Includes Shram Creek Trail and portions of Rock Spring and Jones Ranch trails. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Views and forested riding.

Season June through October.

Wardsworth Creek.

Single-track climb in Hobble Creek, in and out of the creek up to the ridgeline. Moderate climb, intermediate technical.

Season mid-May to October.


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