Utah has such wonderful hike and bike trails – I came across this article and wanted to share it will all of you – in fact stay tuned for our new Uniquley Utah pages on hiking and even more information on these places! Never a better time then in the fall when you can see the beautiful leaves! Enjoy…

Do you love to hike? Next time you visit Utah, pack your hiking boots because we have some of the best hikes in the country. Yes we have 5 National Parks filled with amazing hikes, but there are even more amazing trails tucked around the state that you may need to look a bit more carefully to find. Here are just a handful of hikes for you to consider, five great Utah hikes!

1 – Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is a popular hike for both Heber & Utah Valley residents because it is so easily accessible, short (approx 3.5 miles round trip), family friendly and one of the most scenic, and photogenic, waterfalls in northern Utah. Its falls cascade over 200 feet in two tiers. It is an easy-moderate hike through forest on the east side of Mt Timpanogos. While it is a great family hike, please note that the descent from the ridge down to the base of the falls is quite steep and little ones should be kept close. Spring is a great time to view the wildflowers, summer is pleasant because of the water and shade, and fall is even better because of the brilliantly colored foliage. One of our favorite family hikes!

2 – Y Mountain

Brigham Young University (commonly called the “Y”) sits against the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Years ago the University got permission and put a cement Y on the side of the mountain. It is high enough to see from all over Utah Valley and has simply become a tradition for BYU students and the community to climb. The view of Provo and Utah Lake are beautiful and make this a popular “date hike” both for families and students. The trail is quite rocky and extremely steep, so wear comfortable shoes, stay on the trail and plan to take it slow. There is very little shade on this hike, so plan on taking on Y mountain in slightly cooler weather.

3 – Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain is one of the easiest mountains in Utah to summit, which surprises many, at approximately 12,000 ft. But the trail head sits at about 11,000 feet, so over the two mile hike (4-miles round trip) you don’t gain a lot of elevation. Views from Bald Mountain Pass though, are very impressive, and as you climb to the summit the views get even more magnificent. You have a clear view of Mirror Lake, and several other small lakes in the the Uintas. Note that the hike is above the tree line and so there is no shade. So plan this hike in cooler weather and protect you skin year round, the impact from altitude can surprise you.

4 – Ben Lomond Peak

Ben Lomond is the highest peak overlooking the Ogden area at almost 10,000 feet, and is strenuous. From the summit, you have great views of the Wasatch Range, Salt Lake City, and it is always beautiful to look over the Great Salt Lake. Locals suggest this Peak was the inspiration for the logo for Paramount pictures. Paramount founder William Wadsworth Hodkinson sketched the logo based on his memories of his youth in Ogden, so it always makes it a fun hike a “famous” mountain. Also, look out for equestrians & bikers on this trail.

5 – Lone Peak via Jacobs Ladder in Draper

This hike is not for a novice, but is worth the trip if you are an experienced hiker. It’s long and steep, but truly magnificent. It provides clear views of every peak in the Wasatch mountain range, at approximately 11,300 feet. Depending on your experience level and weather conditions, plan on anywhere from eight to 12 hours to complete the hike. (There is a 5,000+ foot elevations gain!)

Of course use caution on any hike, dress appropriately, and always carry plenty of water along. Before you hike always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. As you practice safe hiking you’ll be able to enjoy some of Utah’s and the world’s greatest locations.

Logan Smith writes for whatshappeningutah.com. Whats Happening Utah provides info on Utah events & attractions, including of course great hikes, then matches visitors with discounts to their favorite attractions. Before you hike in Utah visit http://www.whatshappeningutah.com for discounts on local restaurants and hiking shops.

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