Many people are surprised when visiting Utah it has so much more than beautiful mountains and skiing. Among Utahans is a diverse society, and we want to shine a light on some of the more interesting jewels you will find when visiting Utah.

Today we are going to showcase a little coffeehouse with a tremendous amount of heart – if you are into the arts, poetry slams and tarot cards, you are going to love this place.

Located in the west side of downtown Salt Lake City,  in one of Utah’s most interesting and culturally diverse neighborhoods is Mestizo.

This place was created by artists, community and private investors. In addition to bringing organic coffee’s, vegetarian dishes, and great food – Mestizo Coffeehouse shares space with their sister organization, Mestizo Institute of Culture and Art (MICA).

If you are visiting Utah or live here and are interested in learning more, please go to this link and enjoy some of the more eclectic side of SLC, UT!


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