I was getting ready to write some tips on traveling on airlines this summer when I decided to look at what others had to say. There are some great articles out there so why re-invent the wheel?Below you can access some really great advice – and while you are at it if you are coming to Salt Lake City on Vacation be sure and check out our

American Airlines’ Top 10 Travel Tips for Summer
…And Surviving a Busy Air Travel Season
From Arlene Fleming

The following tips were sent to me and the practical take on travel tips are ones that fit this site. These tips are great for wherever your travels may take you, on whichever airline they may be. The added bonus for those traveling on American Airlines is that there are a few extra tips/reminders just for you.  More …


Top 10 Die Hard Travel Tips

I take 10-15 trips a year, which puts me in the mid-range of air-travelers. I’m not a platinum club guy with zillions of miles and a pocket full of first-class upgrades, but I’m out of town enough that little hacks and tricks make a big difference. Here’s my list: More …

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