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Central Utah Adventure Travel
By Lanette Higham

Venture into the center of Utah and you enter mining country. This area of Utah has a diverse ecosystem from the forest with lakes, wild flowers, flowing rivers to the painted desert. Central Utah is often overlooked as a vacation destination and this would be a mistake.

Take Spanish Fork Canyon to Price and you have made it to central Utah. Price is the largest town in the area so if you need supplies stock up here. Nine Mile Canyon has been recently purchased by the State. It is an archeological treasure trove. There is painted Indian art rocks and the land was held in private ownership until about two years ago.

After a visit to Nine Mile Canyon you will want to head south towards Huntington. The two lane highway here is very deceiving it looks desolate no trees. Travel to Huntington and follow the road sign to Huntington Canyon. After reaching the power plant the terrain will change and you won’t believe your eyes. Traveling into the Manti La Sal forest you will discover pristine streams, hiking trails through abundant wild flowers, ferns, aspen and a variety of trees. It is a great place to camp for the night and see the stars and smell the fresh air.

After visiting Huntington Canyon you will want to return to the desolate highway. If you want to visit a dig for dinosaur bones the town of Cleveland offers a look into the pit where archeologists will be working for a hundred years.

There are many options in the area to choose an adventure in the mountains here. Traveling on that same desolate highway through Orangeville you will discover orange sandstone as you travel up to Joe’s Valley. The crystal blue water, orange sandstone and ponderosa pine are a perfect place to have lunch.

When you reach the town of Castledale you will see a dirt road turn off towards the San Rafael Swell. The swell has been a favorite of the locals for years. If you hike off the dirt road you will find some of the most undisturbed Utah desert I know of. You will find Indian rock art in many unmarked places, see food storage on the cliffs, hear the meadowlarks off in the distance and feel like no one else is on the planet.

Traveling further south on that same desolate highway you will come to the town of Ferron. You will see a sign to the east take it to Ferron Canyon. Here you can visit small natural lakes, see a wide variety of wild life and enjoy scenic beauty that is rare these days.

Follow the same desolate highway to the I-70 interchange and catch highway 89 and take a scenic journey to Moab. Here is one of the most beautiful areas in Utah. Take a wild white water rafting trip, visit Arches National Park stay at a hotel after all the outdoors you will enjoy a bed.

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