Did you know that WFSA now has the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass – this ticket give you access to some top spots in SLC and it delivers tremendous savings as well!


Without the Connect Pass – admission to all the participating attractions is over $120.00!


What are the Participating Salt Lake Attractions?

• Clark Planetarium (Star Show & Imax)
• Discovery Gateway
• The Lion House Pantry Restaurant
• The Living Planet Aquarium
• Red Butte Garden
• Snowbird’s Tram Ride
• Thanksgiving Point (Museum & Gardens)
• This Is the Place Heritage Park
• Tracy Aviary
• Utah’s Hogle Zoo
• Utah Museum of Fine Arts
• Natural History Museum of Utah (open
late 2011)
• Utah Olympic Park

Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-day increments, the pass is activated the first time you use it and will remain active for the number of consecutive days purchased; however, the pass is limited to one (1) visitation (including multi-day) at each participating attraction. (Transportation not included)


What are the rates of the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass?

1-Day Adult Connect Pass $24
2-Day Adult Connect Pass $36
3-Day Adult Connect Pass $48
1-Day Child (12 & Under) Connect Pass $20
2-Day Child (12 & Under) Connect Pass $30
3-Day Child (12 & Under) Connect Pass $40
1-Day Senior (65 & Over) Connect Pass $22
2-Day Senior (65 & Over) Connect Pass $33
3-Day Senior (65 & Over) Connect Pass $44

When vacationing in Utah – come stay with us (see our properties here) and let us know how many connect passes you need! We will hand deliver them right to you. No Hassel, no fussTram

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