Here is a post I wrote earlier last year, it is again becoming warm and the hiking, here in Utah is like no other. Big Cottonwood Canyon is just a hop, skip and a jump from our rental units. Come stay with us go hiking and come back to enjoy our beautiful rentals and have a barbecue!

I am adding a video, I found that may interest you. Video’s cannot do it justice…

Mary, Martha & Catherine (Difficulty Moderate)

Located right in Big Cottonwood Canyon – just a hop, skip and a jump from our rentals lays three beautiful areas. This trio is also called Brighton Lakes and are accessible by a relatively short, moderately easy trail.

You will start in the parking lot of Brighton ski resort; the trail is four miles total for all three lakes.

The easiest to reach is Lake Mary, it is the first lake, families with young children will want to turn around here.


Next is Martha it is the smallest of the lakes it is scenic with its alpine basin and craggy ridge.


Last but not least is Lake Catherine it is generally thought of as the most beautiful lake in the bunch. It is completely surrounded by mountain peaks, and its bright blue water is worth the hike.

Great Website for Hikers

Lake Catherine

Lake Catherine

Great Website for Hikers

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