Family History Library – SLC Utah

If you are into genealogy you will more than likely know about the Family History Library located in Salt Lake City.

Family Search is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use Family Search records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history. For over 100 years, Family Search has been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide. Patrons may freely access our resources and service online at, or through over 4,500 family history centers in 70 countries, including the renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All Are Welcome

They encourage all people to seek out their ancestors and preserve their family histories. Because interest in family history is not limited by culture, ethnicity, or religious faith, we welcome all who wish to discover more about their family and their heritage.

So if you want to follow your family tree – or find out about your ancestors you will want to visit this Library – it is absolutely free. Volunteers at the library are there to help you navigate the tremendous amount of information they have. They also have a great website that you can access.

Family Connection

Families are meant to be central to our lives Family Search is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our commitment to helping people connect with their ancestors is rooted in our beliefs. We believe that families are meant to be central to our lives and that family relationships are intended to continue beyond this life. We therefore believe that all family members—those living, those past, and those future—share an enduring bond that reaches across the generations.

Before you pay for any type of genealogical search – go to the Family History Library and see what they have their!

Why do people do Geneology? See for yourself

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