I ran across a wonderful webpage that has reviews of Salt Lake’s clubs and you are in for a treat!!  Read the exerpt from this fun page and then click on the link to
see each individual night club and there specialties!

Once you get past Utah’s confusing alcohol laws, Salt Lake City’s bars and clubs are surprising vibrant and fun. To discourage bar hopping, all clubs that serve liquor are required to advertise as “private clubs for member.” This simply means that patrons must sign up and pay a small fee, similar to a cover charge at non-Utah bars. Most of Salt Lake City’s bars are well worth the membership fee and Kristauf’s Social Club is definitely one of them. This stylish dance club features exotic cocktails, a lively crowd and a DJ spinning hip-hop to the delight of those on the dance floor. Those in the mood for something, well, seedier will love Bar-X Inn. Complete with a peanut-covered floor, tankards of beer and a rickety pool table, this Salt Lake City hotspot seems like a caricature of a dive bar. Whatever type of Salt Lake City bar or club seems appealing, this city has something for everyone. Take me to the list!

—Salt Lake City Bar and Club Reviews by David Backes & Garrett Wheeler

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