We told you how exquisite fly fishing is here in Utah. DEQ Executive Director Alan Matheson’s passion for fly-fishing lured him to Utah to become the founding director of Trout Unlimited’s Utah Water Project. This essay speaks to us about our love for Utah and the outdoors. Here is an article I came across that will show you just how we feel.

‘Walking the line’ gets blurry with so much great fly fishing in Utah

SPENCER DURRANT, Standard-Examiner correspondent

I was breaking fresh tracks through two feet of snow this past weekend while on a backpacking trip in Colorado, to a little-known creek that’s open water year round.

The drive was long enough, but hauling in gear for two nights of camping was enough to make me question what in the actual hell I was doing alone in one of the more remote areas of the West.

About a mile from camp, the lyrics from the classic Johnny Cash song “I Walk the Line” popped into my head. “As sure as night is dark and day is light, I keep you on my mind both day and night, and happiness I’ve known prove that it’s right because you’re mine, I walk the line.”

Fly fishing is on my mind day and night. I’m not sure if the happiness it brings me is proof that it’s the “right” to spend so much time doing it, but I don’t care. As the age-old adage so accurately says, I’m just happy to be out there. More…


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